Openhearted, raw, playful, free of form and rules, a satire and tragedy in one.

Based on true stories, Ilse paints a personal portrait of the electric world of ADHD and the chaotic, crazy and fast ADHD world that we are living in today. With music composed by Mascha van Nieuwkerk (known from Fuse). This year My Electric House will tour in Holland, Great Britain and Indonesia.

”Whether you have ADHD yourself or not, Ilse knows how to take you with her stories about life with an overcrowded brain. And she does so in a comic-tragic and poetical way.”   Roy de Beunje, Thema Tijdschriften Amsterdam 

Interview with Ilse (in English): Click here Radio recording (in Dutch): Click here

”Such an intimate piece, It almost feels like walking into someone’s living room.”   Samia Amrani Akdi, Gemeente Amsterdam